Book Review: Song of Susannah

(Dark Tower #6)
June 2019 (first published 06.08.2004) | Scribner
Rating: 4/5 stars


Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

In the sixth installment of The Dark Tower, our ka-tet find themselves separated and sent to different places in different years. Susannah has given over herself to her alternate personality and is stranded in New York of 1999 where Roland’s future nemesis may be born at any moment. Roland and Eddie must split apart from Callahan, Jake, and Oy in order to save Susannah. The destinations they have in mind are not where they end up. Despite their best intentions to surpass ka they must accept their destiny, defeat the obstacles in their path, and track down Susannah.


I’ve become so used to following our ka-tet together on their journey that at first I was unsure how I would feel about them being separated in this book. What I found was a gift of multiple interesting and engaging timelines all working towards the same goal. The different timelines are filled with an abundance of details that can feel a bit hard to track at first, but things start to make sense the more you get into the book. 

I loved exploring the alternate timelines within this story and the great, action-packed ending. There are tons of fun Easter eggs to other books and the King universe within this book that truly show the importance of this series to King. I’m anxious over the cliffhanger ending and am looking forward to the final book!

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