Book Review: No Bad Deed

NO BAD DEED | Heather Chavez
02.18.2020 | William Morrow
Rating: 4/5 stars


Driving home one rainy night, Cassie Larkin sees a man and woman fighting on the side of the road. After calling 911, the veterinarian decides to step in and chase after the violent man in order to save his victim. When Cassie tries to stop him, he turns on her and gives her an ultimatum. Cassie can either let the woman die and Cassie can return to her normal life or save her and risk putting everything she loves in jeopardy.

I absolutely love a solid, edge of your seat, thrill ride of a read and that’s exactly what NO BAD DEED delivers! From the first few pages the reader is invested in Cassie’s life and her decision to intervene in a murderous situation. Cassie is an easy character for a reader to bond with, but I have to admit I definitely judged a lot of the choices she ended up making. She seemed willing to continually put herself in harm’s way throughout the story even in instances where I thought she could have taken a safer path. Despite thinking Cassie was making a series of bad decisions, I thought Chavez created a character who owned being distressed and frantic in a situation that calls for her to save herself and her family.

Initially I thought NO BAD DEED was going to be a straightforward story, but what I found was something much more complex. Chavez has created an excellent series of twists and turns that flow smoothly as the story unfolds. I loved the pivots and shocking moments that this story held! NO BAD DEED was a captivating read and one I wanted to keep reading late into the night!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

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