Book Review: The Siren & The Specter

09.06.2018 | Flame Tree Press
Rating: 3.5/5 stars


David Caine, a celebrated skeptic of the supernatural, has been invited by an old friend to spend a month in “the most haunted house in Virginia”. He believes the case will be like any other, but the Alexander House is different. Built by a 1700s land baron to contain the madness and depravity of his eldest son, the house is plagued by shadows of the past and the lingering taint of bloodshed. David is haunted as well. Haunted by a past he can’t leave behind and that has a strange connection to this house.

I absolutely love a good haunted house story and I was really excited when I read the premise to THE SIREN & THE SPECTER. The book started out solidly with the unraveling of the history for the house and for David’s past. I really enjoyed the way Janz wrote about the Alexander House and the isolated area surrounding it. This book truly captures that creepy, atmospheric setting that sells a haunted house story for me. 

Things started to fall apart for me the more the story progressed. Janz throws a lot of different storylines into this book and while they’re all intertwined, I felt more confusion than resolution as I progressed in the story. I think this would have worked better for me if the plot was a bit more simplified and focused. Overall, I enjoyed the twists and turns THE SIREN & THE SPECTER had to offer and I’m looking forward to picking up more of Janz’s books in the future.

This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

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