Book Review: Silver Tears

SILVER TEARS | Camilla Läckberg
07.06.2021 | Knopf
Rating: 4/5 stars


Faye finally has the life that she deserves. Despite having to fight tooth and nail for her current situation, Faye could not feel happier. She’s rich, the business she built has become a global brand, and she has carefully hidden away her small family in Italy, where Jack, her ex-husband, can no longer harm them. Things begin to take a sudden shift when several major investors suddenly start selling off their shares in the company and the police officer who helped search for her daughter discovers the dark secret of Faye’s childhood. As Faye’s world spirals, she receives an even bigger blow as she learns that Jack has escaped from prison. Faye must fight for her future while confronting her past.

SILVER TEARS is an intoxicating and clever follow-up to Läckberg’s THE GOLDEN CAGE. Faye is back in our lives and thriving in a life that she has worked hard to have. I loved being back with Faye and watching her fight for her business. There were times when I was annoyed with Faye because I felt like she let herself be blinded by certain parts of her life, which put her in danger of losing focus.

The pacing of SILVER TEARS felt like the perfect mixture of slow and tension. Everything is intricately plotted out to be revealed at the right moment. Läckberg smartly breaks up the current timeline with flashback chapters that add a great secondary plot to the overall story. I completely forgot Läckberg’s incorporation of some seriously steamy scenes in her books. I’m not much for this type of reading, but it didn’t feel out of place in this book. While SILVER TEARS is the second book in a series, I do think it would work as a stand alone read.

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

Disclosure: A huge thank you to Knopf for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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