Mini Reviews: Game of Thrones Edition



2021 has been the year of finally reading George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series AKA Game of Thrones. While I reviewed the first book as a full feature post, I thought it would be easier moving forward to talk about them as mini reviews because they’re such easy to spoil books. 

I’ve been reading each book across a 2 month period, so I read A CLASH OF KINGS in February and March and A STORM OF SWORDS in April and May. I’m in the midst of finishing up A FEAST FOR CROWS, which I’ll feature a mini review for once I’m done with the current final book in the series, A DANCE WITH DRAGONS.

On to my thoughts…

A CLASH OF KINGS: AMAZING! This might be my favorite book in the series, but it’s a close call because the first book was so dang good. I love how in-depth Martin takes us with each character. I really loved how the plot built up in this installment and I think it sold me on being able to commit to reading the rest of what has been published. So many details. So much goodness. Final thoughts on this one: I actually like Bran in the books and totally wasn’t a fan of him in the show. Might buy a Bran funko for the collection now. 5⭐

A STORM OF SWORDS: HOLY CHUNKY GOODNESS! You might be thinking, the third installment in a series, by now you must be weary of your commitment (hello, I’m a serial series reader failure). Nope! Not today because George has my back. This book was crazy good with so many emotions and just pure shock value throughout! Despite seeing the show and knowing a lot of the plot, there was still quite a bit for me to uncover. Final thoughts on this one: Jorah needs to chill. You’re creepy sir. 5⭐

To sum it all up: If you’re considering this series, just do it! Read a chapter a day or a chapter every other day and join the dang cult! 🐉

A CLASH OF KINGS: Amazon Book Depository

A STORM OF SWORDS: Amazon | Book Depository

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