Book Review: The Hunting Wives

05.18.2021 | Berkley
Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Sophie O’Neill has left behind an envy-inspiring career and the stressful, competitive life of big city Chicago to settle down with her husband and young son in a small Texas town. This is everything Sophie has been dreaming of: a beautiful home in an idyllic rural community where she can focus on family. She soon realizes that life is now too quiet and Sophie’s feeling bored and restless. When she meets Margot Banks, an alluring socialite who is part of an elite clique secretly known as the Hunting Wives, Sophie finds herself entranced. She’s willing to do anything to be a part of Margot’s world and soon finds her curiosity spiraling into a full-blown obsession that lands her as a suspect in the murder of a local teenage girl.

THE HUNTING WIVES is nothing short of dramatic, shocking fun! If you’re in search of a fast-paced and entertaining read where you’re willing to suspend your belief a bit for some dramatic fun, then this one’s for you! 

I didn’t walk into THE HUNTING WIVES looking for anything but a suburban wives behaving badly story and that’s exactly what I got! There’s a lot to hate on in this book and by that I mean the characters. They’re all just a complete hot mess and overly self-centered…you know the type, you watch them on reality TV. There’s too much money and too many hours to fill with booze and mischief in this group, but dang it if it isn’t wildly entertaining. Throw in a bit of murder to the mix and this is just what I want to escape from reality a bit. It’s not a book that’s going to live in my mind for years to come, but it’s a great read for some summer fluff! 

🎧: I listened to this one on audio and instantly felt connected to the narrator and book. I’m not sure if I would have been nearly as entertained if I had picked up the physical copy, but the audio was just what I needed for my commute!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

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