Book Review: The Summoning

09.07.2021 | Poisoned Pen Press
Rating: 4/5 stars


Kit Capriol lost her husband when the North Tower went down on 9/11. Over the years she has scraped by as an actress, barely supporting herself and her daughter. But now her daughter, Zoey, is in the hospital, bills are due, and the acting work has dried up. Becoming a medium is almost too easy for someone used to pretending for a living. Kit scans memorials published in the New York Times looking for individuals who call to her. It’s a simple thing to look up a name and phone number, to reach out to surviving family members who still might be yearning for connection with their lost loved one. She wants to offer her assistance. In the past it has always been easy , but now the seances Kit holds in her apartment are starting to feel unsettlingly real. 

I love when mystery books succeed in incorporating a paranormal aspect into their storyline and that’s exactly what THE SUMMONING accomplished. This is a slow burn surrounding the life of our main character, Kit, and the odd happenings that occur during her seances. She has started to hear voices and visualize the final moments of those she is trying to commune with. These seances aren’t cheesy or unrealistic, which is sometimes how paranormal elements can come off when not done right. 

What I loved most about this book was the way the paranormal aspect aids in driving the story forward. There’s a lot going on in Kit’s life and at first it wasn’t clear how everything would connect, but I really enjoyed the way Smith tied everything together. THE SUMMONING would make an excellent addition to any spooky season TBR!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

A huge thank you to Poisoned Pen Press for my gifted copy!

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