Mini Reviews: A Deadly Inside Scoop & It Takes Two to Mango


Recent MBA grad Bronwyn “Win” Crewse has decided to go back to her hometown and take over her family’s ice cream shop. Chagrin Falls, Ohio is a small town where everyone knows Crewse Creamery. Win  is excited to restore the shop to its former glory using her grandmother’s recipes to fill the menu with unique homemade flavors. Win’s opening is off to a cold start, as she’s forced to open in the cold season with snow descending on the village. When she finds a body in the snow that leaves her father implicated in murder, opening the ice cream shop becomes less important than solving a crime.

A DEADLY INSIDE SCOOP is the launch of Collette’s Ice Cream Parlor Mystery series. Colette does a fantastic job of creating a fun mystery filled with family drama and small town secrets, while setting the stage for a successful series. I loved Win from the start and all of the quirky characters she’s surrounded by create a fantastic dynamic across the story. I’ll definitely be picking up book two in the near future! 4⭐️

IT TAKES TWO TO MANGO by Carrie Doyle:
Plum Lockhart has had to take a drastic change in career, as she watches her prestigious travel magazine editor position be eliminated. On a whim, she accepts a job as a villa broker and moves to a beautiful Caribbean island. Paradise isn’t always perfect. The slow pace of life, the language barrier, and a difficult office rival leave Plum considering if she’s made the right decision. When a client is found dead in the jacuzzi of Casa Mango, a property that Plum manages, she throws herself into solving the case. Can she find the killer?

Carrie Doyle succeeds in sweeping readers away to the warm Caribbean sunshine with the launch of her Trouble in Paradise series. IT TAKES TWO TO MANGO is an entertaining cozy mystery filled with a cast of characters who will keep you on your toes. At times it’s hard to know who to trust, which makes this a fun one to pick up. My only gripe was at times I didn’t enjoy our main character’s attitude, but when she later calls herself out on her behavior I started to bond with her more. There’s a great foundation here for a long series. 3.5⭐️

A DEADLY INSIDE SCOOP: Amazon | Book Depository

IT TAKES TWO TO MANGO: Amazon Book Depository

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