Mini Reviews: The Missing Hours, The Push, & Invisible Girl


Claudia Castro has it all: a famous family, a trust fund, thousands of Instagram followers, and a spot in NYU’s freshman class. After a traumatic night out that leaves Claudia unable to remember what happened she goes missing. I picked this one up on a whim just looking for something quick to pull me out of an audiobook slump and was really impressed! Dahl does a fantastic job of creating an addicting and intriguing story that keeps the reader wanting to know what happens next. I loved the way everything finally was pieced together by the end. 4⭐

THE PUSH by Ashley Audrain:
Blythe Connor is determined to be a warm and comforting mother to her new baby Violet, but she quickly becomes convinced something is wrong with her little girl. I’m always a bit hesitant with creepy children style thrillers, but once I started THE PUSH I found myself fully committed to figuring out the truth about Violet. I really enjoyed the glimpses into the past woven throughout the story, but at times they felt unnecessary or out of place. I enjoyed my read of this one, but wanted to see it go to the next level. 3.5⭐

INVISIBLE GIRL by Lisa Jewell:
The Fours family and Owen Pick seemingly have nothing in common until local girl, Saffyre Maddox goes missing and their lives collide. Lisa Jewell is one of those authors that I either love their work or it falls a bit flat for me. This was unfortunately in the camp of the latter. While the story was interesting it felt like a lot of extra fluff was included that I didn’t need. I missed the creep factor that a lot of other reviewers mentioned feeling and I think if I had had that type of connection I would have enjoyed this one more. 3⭐

THE MISSING HOURS: Amazon | Book Depository

THE PUSH: Amazon Book Depository

INVISIBLE GIRL: Amazon Book Depository

Disclosure: A huge thank you to Minotaur Books for sending me a free copy of THE MISSING HOURS in exchange for my honest review.

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