Book Review: The Ex-Husband

THE EX-HUSBAND | Karen Hamilton
01.18.2022 | Graydon House
Rating: 4/5 stars


Charlotte has an unsavory past, but she’s on the straight and narrow these days. She was so young then – she married the wrong man, falling for Sam’s sweet-talking charm and charisma, and got caught up in his con artist games. Now Sam is missing, but before he disappeared, he left urgent, cryptic messages about someone threatening him, someone who has also been threatening Charlotte. Looking to get away, Charlotte takes a job as a personal assistant for an engagement party aboard a private luxury cruise ship. It seems Charlotte’s stalker might also be onboard when mysterious messages start showing up. With danger lurking around the corner, Charlotte must quickly decide who it is that has discovered her secret.

I can always count on Karen Hamilton to put together a fun and exciting thriller filled with drama and that’s exactly what THE EX-HUSBAND delivers! Told through the eyes of Charlotte, we’re able to travel between her present day situation and the life she led with her now ex-husband, Sam. I found both timelines to be equally enjoyable and I was happy to switch back and forth to get more of each story. Did I guess the ending? Not all of it, but a large chunk of the plot. Did I still enjoy it? Definitely! I felt that Hamilton gave the reader enough hints to put two and two together for where the story was going that it left you anxiously awaiting Charlotte to come to the same conclusion. Much like with television shows or movies structured this way, the fun is in how it all plays out and that aha moment you so desperately want the character to have. If you’re looking for a popcorn thriller, definitely add this to your list!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

A huge thank you to HTP Books for my gifted copy!

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