Book Review: The Doomsday Mother

01.18.2022 | St. Martin’s Press
Rating: 3/5 stars


For years, Lori Vallow had been devoted to her children and her Mormon faith. When her path crossed with Chad Daybell, a religious zealot who taught his followers how to prepare for the end-times, the tumultuous relationship transformed her into someone unrecognizable. Lori and Chad fled to Hawaii in the midst of being investigated for the disappearance of Lori’s children back in Idaho – Tylee and JJ – who hadn’t been seen alive in five months. As authorities searched for Lori’s children, they uncovered more suspicious deaths with links to both Lori and Chad, including the deaths of Lori’s third and fourth husbands, her brother, and Chad’s wife.

I knew absolutely nothing about Lori and Chad walking into THE DOOMSDAY MOTHER. Glatt’s writing and detailed investigation made it easy to fall into the backstory of both Lori and Chad, while also learning about the life they lived together and the trail of destruction they wove. There is a lot to unpack in this book and it’s formatted in a way that makes following the progress of events slightly hard to track in places. There are a lot of people mentioned to remember who they are and how they’re linked to Lori and/or Chad. Despite some stumbles with the facts, I was consistently engrossed in this true crime story. There are a lot of awful people in this book and to no fault of Glatt, I was left wanting to see more justice brought against them.

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A huge thank you to St. Martin’s Press for my gifted copy!

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