Book Review: Hunters of the Lost City

04.26.2022 | Quirk Books
Rating: 3/5 stars


Twelve-year-old Octavia grew up believing the town of Vittoria was the only one left in the world. The sole survivors of a deadly magical war and plague, the people of Vittoria know there’s no one alive outside the town walls – except the terrible monsters that prowl the forest. But the impossible happens: Octavia meets another girl beyond the walls, someone who isn’t Vittorian. Everything she’s ever believed is thrown into question, and there’s no going back. In her quest for the truth, Octavia discovers a world full of lies, monsters, and magic.

HUNTERS OF THE LOST CITY is a middle grade fantasy filled with fascinating worldbuilding, creepy monsters, and surprising twists and turns. From the first chapter it was easy to form a bond with our main character, Octavia, and become fully immersed in her adventures. Octavia’s character feels incredibly genuine from her bond with friends and family to her reactions to learning truths that have her questioning everything she knows. The worldbuilding is truly top notch in this story and I was blown away at the depth and details included by Wallace. The flipside of that is that the pacing was a bit slower than what I was expecting due to the level of detail included. I think some of this could have been shortened to make the flow of the story more captivating. Overall, this is a great fantasy story featuring a strong female character that will certainly keep readers guessing about what is to come next.

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

A huge thank you to Quirk Books for my gifted copy!

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