My May hopefuls stack is filled with books that I’ve been excited about this year. I’m trying to find a good mix of backlist, recent releases, and advanced copies while also throwing in some buddy reads here and there. It’s…a lot!

I always post these giant stacks each month because it gives me a selection to choose from that isn’t just a bookshelf filled with unread titles. I don’t want a Cheesecake Factory style menu of options…if you’re not from the US, those things are basically a book on their own. I want to throw a bunch of books in a pile that are currently calling my name and then mood read through that smaller selection.

So how’s May going? I’ve finished the audio for UNMASKED and loved it! I’m working on wrapping up SUNDIAL and loving it! I’ve also got the second half of WHY DIDN’T THEY ASK EVANS? left to finish from last month and I’ve started INSOMNIA, which I’ll be reading throughout the entire month.

Next up? I’m debating between THE MAID and NOTES ON AN EXECUTION.

What’s your May looking like? See anything in common?

A huge thank you to the HTP Books, Random House, Tor Nightfire, Quirk Books, William Morrow, Celadon Books, and Minotaur Books for my gifted copies!

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