Book Review: This is Not the Real World

(This is Not the Jess Show #2)
05.24.2022 | Quirk Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


*Caution: Possible spoilers for the first book in series*

Jess Flynn is finally free of Swickley and a life that was broadcast to the whole world on Stuck in the 90’s. She’s doing her best to adjust to existence on the outside – but she can’t outrun her past forever. Like-Life Productions has tracked down Jess and her boyfriend, Kipps, and forced Kipps to come back to set for the rest of his contract. Determined to rescue Kipps and exact revenge on Like-Life Productions for what they did to her, Jess teams up with a reporter who’s investigating the seedy underbelly of the TV production company – including a series of suspicious disappearances.

THIS IS NOT THE REAL WORLD is exactly the sequel that fans of the first book deserve! Carey is back again giving readers a bird’s eye view into Jess Flynn’s life and taking them on her path to revenge. This book has all of the nostalgia and tension that readers fell in love with in the first book. I loved that this time we already knew the set-up and got to learn more about how Swickley functions. The behind-the-scenes glimpse is what every tv show fan wants and this is exactly what the book gave us for Stuck in the 90s. There is a fantastic mix of old and new faces for secondary characters that work to make this story filled with fun and suspicion. The ending was quite satisfying, but also left room for a potential third book. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed this isn’t the last time I hang with Jess Flynn!

A huge thank you to Quirk Books for my gifted copy!

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