Book Review: The Lying Club

03.22.2022 | Park Row
Rating: 4/5 stars


At an elite private school nestled in the Colorado mountains, Natalie, an office assistant, dreams of having a life like the school moms she deals with every day. Women like Brooke – a gorgeous heiress, ferociously loving mother, and serial cheater – and Asha, an overprotective mom who suspects her husband is having an affair. Their fates are bound by the handsome assistant athletic director Nicholas, whom Natalie loves, Brook wants, and Asha needs. But when two bodies are carried out of the school one morning, it seems the tension between mothers and daughters, rival lovers, and the haves and have-nots has shattered the surface of this isolated, affluent town where people stop at nothing to get what they want.

THE LYING CLUB is all about revenge, murder, secrets, and lies AKA everything I look for in a bingeworthy thriller. I’ll warn the reader straight away that the pacing of this story is a bit on the slower end, but it’s a really fun read. There are plenty of twists to keep you guessing about where the book is heading and just how devious the plot can go. While I didn’t find any curveballs that totally threw me, they still served to get me thinking about multiple scenarios. I got a lot of Big Little Lies vibes from this one with the small community and tension between parents (not a direct comparison – just a similar feeling). With the summer months hitting, this would make a great beach or pool read selection!

🎧: I went with the audio for THE LYING CLUB and was immediately sucked into the story! The narrator does a fantastic job of helping to elevate the slower pacing of the story and bring the characters to life.

A huge thank you to HTP Book for my gifted copy!

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