Book Review: The Second Husband

06.28.2022 | Harper
Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Recovering from the unsolved murder of her first husband, Derrick, thirtysomething Emma Hawke has built a new life with Tom, a handsome, successful, and loving widower who finally makes her feel safe again. Then one day a police detective shows up at their house on the Connecticut shore, asking questions about Derrick’s death. Emma was sure she’d been cleared in the days after the tragedy. So why is law enforcement taking another look now–and questioning the timing of her relationship with Tom? 

THE SECOND HUSBAND is a fun, twisty read that kept me doubting my beliefs, just as much as the main character, Emma, was doubting her own. This story is given to the reader through the eyes of Emma. White has carefully crafted the plot to allow a connection to build between the reader and Emma, as her reactions and thought-processing feel very real. The pacing to the story is well laid out with just enough twists to keep the reader guessing about the truth. There are a lot of domestic suspense/thriller stories on the market and while this one does take the dead spouse route, I thought it still managed to feel fresh and interesting. This is my second read from Kate White and I’ve grown to really appreciate how authentic she makes her characters and the unique twists she takes with her stories. 

🎧: I started this book intending to alternate between audio and physical, but found myself connecting with the audiobook narrator so much that I ultimately continued more on that path. I think the narrator does a great job bringing Emma to life!

A huge thank you to Wunderkind PR and Harper Perennial for my gifted copy!

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