November Wrap Up


The Resemblance by Lauren Nossett 4⭐
Lord of the Fly Fest by Goldy Moldavsky 3.5⭐
They Drown Our Daughters by Katrina Monroe 3⭐(🎧)
The Hacienda by Isabel Canas 3.5⭐
Dead Flip by Sara Farizan 4⭐
Fairy Tale by Stephen King 3⭐
Something is Killing the Children by James Tynion IV 4⭐
The Godmother by Barbie Latzu Nadeau 3.5⭐(🎧)
It Rides A Pale Horse by Andy Marino 4.5⭐
Cackle by Rachel Harrison 4.5⭐
The Lost Village by Camilla Sten 4.5⭐
The Rich Girl by R.L. Stine 4⭐
Leech by Hiron Ennes 3⭐(🎧)

13 books! (10 physical, 3 audio)
4,234 pages!
Favorites: Cackle, It Rides A Pale Horse, & The Lost Village

I cannot believe that November has come and gone already! I feel like we were just celebrating Halloween and now I’m scrambling to buy Christmas presents. Why does this happen every year?

Regardless of time flying, I managed to have a really solid reading month in November. I didn’t find any 5 star reads, but I got close with a few. Cackle and The Lost Village ending up on my favorites list for the month didn’t surprise me at all, but falling for It Rides A Pale Horse really did! Check out my review from yesterday to learn more about what made me love this one!

I definitely rolled over spooky season vibes into my November reads with most books being either horror or horror-adjacent picks. Now that it’s December, my mindset is shifting and my mood is craving more of the same genres, but with wintery touches to them. I’ve finally decided (maybe) on my December possibilities stack and it might be the tallest one I’ve made all year. In my defense, I have a week off and I’m staycationing, so I should be able to tackle some reading! I’ll be showing it off in a few days, so keep an eye out!

A huge thank you to Flatiron Books, Poisoned Pen Press, Penguin Books, Novel Suspects, Minotaur Books, and Tor Books for my gifted copies!

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