Book Review: Anon Pls.

Anon Pls. | DeuxMoi
11.08.2022 | William Morrow
Rating: 4/5 stars


When Cricket Lopez, assistant to one of the most notorious celebrity stylists, revamps her old style Instagram account and turns it into a celebrity gossip blog on a drunken whim, she never thinks it will become anything. But when the account grows overnight and, even wilder, when she starts getting gossip from fans – juicy gossip – she has to face facts: her Instagram is now famous. She is now famous. But as the account grows and becomes more and more famous, she has to wonder: is it – the fame, the insider access, the escape from real life – really worth losing everything she has?

Anon Pls. is the absolute perfect escape read for anyone who craves an insider glimpse into celebrity life and one of the biggest pop culture Instagram accounts, @DeuxMoi!

This debut book dives into the fictional retelling of how DeuxMoi came to exist and the way it skyrocketed to fame by breaking celebrity news and gossip before other accounts knew what was happening. The book is filled with fictional versions of celebrities, some I’m confident I know who their real-world counterpart is and some I’ve got no clue. The story is fast-paced and told through a bit of a frantic lens, as Cricket’s world completely changes overnight. Bonus for those romance fans out there: this book packs more steam than I was ever expecting! Seriously though, I totally missed the love interest part in the synopsis, but it blended so well with the story and felt natural to the plot. 

If you’re looking for your next guilty pleasure read, this book 100% hits the mark!

A huge thank you to William Morrow for my gifted copy!

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