Book Review: We Love Anderson Cooper

WE LOVE ANDERSON COOPER | R.L. Maizes 07.23.2019 | Celadon Books Rating: 4/5 stars WE LOVE ANDERSON COOPER is a short story collection bringing together tales about characters that have experienced being treated as outsiders for a variety of reasons, such as sexual orientation, religious identity, socioeconomic status, and their appearance. Each story focuses on … Continue reading Book Review: We Love Anderson Cooper

Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter

SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER | Rochelle B. Weinstein 04.17.2018 | Lake Union Publishing Rating: 4/5 stars Emma and Bobby Ross live a picture perfect life. They have twin daughters, Lily and Zoe, who are each excelling at school. Their marriage is a story of high school sweethearts still together and going strong many years later. Together they … Continue reading Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter