Book Review: Before We Were Innocent

BEFORE WE WERE INNOCENT | Ella Berman 04.04.2023 | Berkley Rating: 4/5 stars Ten years ago, after a sun-soaked summer spent in Greece, best friends Bess and Joni were cleared of having any involvement in their friend Evangeline’s death. But that didn’t stop the media from ripping apart their teenage lives like vultures. While the … Continue reading Book Review: Before We Were Innocent

Book Review: In My Dreams I Hold A Knife

IN MY DREAMS I HOLD A KNIFE | Ashley Winstead 08.03.2021 | Sourcebooks Rating: 5/5 stars A college reunion turns dark and deadly in this chilling and propulsive suspense novel about six friends, one unsolved murder, and the dark secrets they’ve been hiding from each other—and themselves—for a decade. Ten years after graduation, Jessica Miller … Continue reading Book Review: In My Dreams I Hold A Knife

Book Review: The Daydreams

THE DAYDREAMS | Laura Hankin05.02.2023 | BerkleyRating: 5/5 stars Back in 2004, The Daydreams had it all: a cast of innocent-seeming teenagers acting and singing their hearts out, amazing ratings, and a will-they-or-won’t-they romance that steamed up fan fiction forums. Then, during the live season two finale, it all imploded, leaving everyone scrambling to understand … Continue reading Book Review: The Daydreams