Blog Tour: In the Absence of Miracles

IN THE ABSENCE OF MIRACLES | Michael J. Malone 09.19.2019 | Orenda Books Rating: 4/5 stars John Docherty’s mother has just suffered a stroke and is facing a future where she will never be able to live independently again. In order to care for his mother, John is forced to sell his childhood home. While … Continue reading Blog Tour: In the Absence of Miracles

Book Review: Palm Beach, Finland

PALM BEACH, FINLAND | Antti Tuomainen 10.18.2018 | Orenda Books Rating: 5/5 stars Welcome to Palm, Beach Finland! Get ready to stay in a brightly colored cabana decorated with flamingos and palm trees on Finland’s “hottest beach”. This bizarre holiday village is attempting to become a prime traveler’s destination, but there’s just one small problem...a … Continue reading Book Review: Palm Beach, Finland

Book Review: Blue Night

BLUE NIGHT | Simone Buchholz (Chas Riley #6) 09.01.2018 | Orenda Books Rating: 4/5 stars Chastity Riley, Hamburg’s state prosecutor, has found herself demoted to witness protection due to some recent trouble she’s stirred up. Shooting off the crown jewels of a gangster and convicting your superior of corruption aren’t exactly acts that are going … Continue reading Book Review: Blue Night