Book Review: The Favor

THE FAVOR | Nora Murphy 05.31.2022 | Minotaur Books Rating: 4/5 stars Leah and McKenna have never met, though they have parallel lives. They don’t—ever—find themselves in the same train carriage or meet accidentally at the gym or the coffee shop. They don’t—ever—discuss their problems and find common ground. They don’t—ever—acknowledge to each other that … Continue reading Book Review: The Favor

Book Review: Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead

FINLAY DONOVAN KNOCKS ‘EM DEAD | Elle Cosimano (Finlay Donovan #2) 02.01.2022 | Minotaur Books Rating: 5/5 stars Finlay Donovan has found herself yet again struggling to finish her next novel and keep her head above water as a single mother of two. To make matters more complicated, someone wants her ex-husband, Steven, dead and … Continue reading Book Review: Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead

Mini Reviews: The Missing Hours, The Push, & Invisible Girl

THE MISSING HOURS by Julia Dahl: Claudia Castro has it all: a famous family, a trust fund, thousands of Instagram followers, and a spot in NYU’s freshman class. After a traumatic night out that leaves Claudia unable to remember what happened she goes missing. I picked this one up on a whim just looking for … Continue reading Mini Reviews: The Missing Hours, The Push, & Invisible Girl

Book Review: The Photographer

THE PHOTOGRAPHER | Mary Dixie Carter 05.25.2021 | Minotaur Rating: 3/5 stars As a photographer, Delta Dawn observes the seemingly perfect lives of New York City’s elite: snapping photos of their children’s birthday parties, transforming images of stiff hugs and tearstained faces into visions of pure joy, and creating moments these parents long for. When … Continue reading Book Review: The Photographer