Book Review: The Dark Tower

THE DARK TOWER | Stephen King
(The Dark Tower #7)
2017 (first published 09.2014) | Scribner
Rating: 3.5 stars


Roland Deschain and his ka-tet are finally on the home stretch of their journey to the Dark Tower. They have traveled far and wide across multilayered worlds and timelines. They have fought many obstacles and finally it is time for their voyage to come to an end.

THE DARK TOWER is the seventh and final book in Stephen King’s fantasy Western series, The Dark Tower. Reading through this series has had many highs and lows for me and I was hopeful after enjoying the previous two books that I would love the ending to this series. What I found within this almost 900 page beast was similar to my journey across the series. There were parts I loved and parts that made me want to slowly tear off my eyelashes. I know that there are a huge contingent of people who love and adore this series, but at the end of the day I was disappointed with this final installment. I wanted something more and I didn’t find that love until the last 80 pages.


Things I loved about this book and the series: OY, OY, OY! Oy may possibly be one of my top King characters ever and I will continue to rock my Oy sweatshirt and refer to my golden-eyed cat as Oy, despite my mixed feelings over the series. I also loved the lore, the Easter eggs, and the action. The books where there was a set adventure were my favorite. The ones, like this one, where we’re endlessly travelling through random places, were not.

The ending truly saved this book for me. I appreciate the clever way King crafted an ending meant for his fans, for his Constant Readers. It touched my heart and even made me tear up a bit. I also laughed over the finale that felt like a bit of a prank on one of the characters and the readers.

I genuinely think this is a series every King fan should try out for if nothing more than to say you’ve experienced it. I don’t recommend it for those that aren’t diehard fans. There are a lot of spoilers to other books within this series, so readers beware.

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