Book Review: The Ninja Betrayed

(Lily Wong #3)
09.14.2021 | Agora Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Lily Wong finds herself in Hong Kong alongside her mother who has been summoned by her grandfather to attend an emergency board meeting. The trip has an air of tension, but Lily is looking forward to family reunions and the possibility of a romantic date or two with her new boyfriend, Daniel, who also happens to be in town. As the truth of the meeting comes to the surface, Lily finds herself investigating her grandfather’s business. When men with scorpion tattoos begin targeting Lily and those around her she realizes that she might be in over her head.

Last year I fell in love with Tori Eldridge’s character Lily Wong. She’s a badass modern-day ninja who uses her skills to work to save those in danger. While in the states she is familiar with her Los Angeles territory, this book finds Lily in Hong Kong where she must work double-time to unravel the mystery at hand. Eldridge does an incredible job of bringing the setting of this story to life and I instantly felt like I was racing down the streets of Hong Kong alongside Lily. Being able to feel fully immersed within the location of this book made it easy to reconnect with Lily and form a bond with our cast of characters. 

One of the aspects I loved most about this book and the series as a whole is the way Eldridge portrays family relationships. Everything is incredibly genuine and the reader is able to see not only the tensions and disputes that happen in families, but also the deep love that thrives to keep them together. This familial bond helps to form the characters in these books and give them depth. Mixed with an exhilarating and mysterious triad that clearly have murderous intentions there’s a nice balance to the story. I loved my time with Lily once more and look forward to future installments in this series!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

A huge thank you to Tori Eldridge for my gifted copy!

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