Book Review: The Disappearing Act

THE DISAPPEARING ACT | Catherine Steadman
06.08.2021 | Ballantine Books
Rating: 3.5/5 stars


A leading British actress hoping to make a splash in America flies to Los Angeles for the grueling gauntlet known as pilot season, a time when every network and film studio looking to fill the rosters of their new shows entice a fresh batch of young hopefuls–anxious, desperate, and willing to do whatever it takes to make it. Instead, Mia Eliot, a fish out of water in the ruthlessly competitive and faceless world of back-to-back auditioning, discovers the sinister side of Hollywood when she becomes the last person to see Emily, who mysteriously disappears following an audition, after asking Mia to do a simple favor. But nothing is simple. Nothing is as it seems. And nothing prepares Mia for a startling truth: In a city where dreams really do come true, nightmares can follow.

THE DISAPPEARING ACT is a fun and entertaining thriller set in the Hollywood Hills. Steadman gives the reader a first hand ride with Mia as she tries to find out what happened to someone she’s only just met. There is a lot in this story that made me question the actions Mia took. Would I make those same choices for a stranger? Would I become that invested? Perhaps not, but it was interesting to watch Mia’s world spiral and guess what would happen next. This is one of those thrillers that I think you need to suspend a bit of reality to fully appreciate. It’s a wild tale that at times is definitely unbelievable, but contains a solid message about the way female actresses are treated in Hollywood. As with the previous book I read from Steadman, this story kept me coming back for more and I was quite satisfied with the ending.

A huge thank you to Random House for my gifted copy!

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