Book Review: Eeny Meeny

EENY MEENY (Helen Grace #1) | M.J. Arlidge
06.02.2015 | Penguin Books
Rating: 5/5 stars


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Two people are abducted, trapped in an inescapable location, and left with a gun containing one bullet. The only way to survive is for one person to take the life of the other. Days of starvation and dehydration can lead a person to carry out many unthinkable actions, but is becoming a murderer one of them? This is the question driving the newest serial killer in town.

There are countless moments in the average life when you have to decide whether to open yourself up or bury yourself deep. In love, at work, among your family, with friends, there are moments when you have to decide whether you are ready to reveal your true self.

Detective Helen Grace is a woman familiar with the dark side of human nature, both professionally and personally, but this case is enough to shock even her experienced eye. With the aid of Mark, Charlie, and several other officers in her department Helen must work simultaneously to find the killer and keep the families involved out of the media’s grip. The past lives of the victims hold the key to unlocking their selection. Nothing is what it seems in this investigation and the clock is ticking as the abductions continue. Can Helen put a stop to this meticulously devious killer?

How do you wake yourself when you’re dreaming? When you’re in the midst of a nightmare, how do you climb out of the abyss?

M.J. Arlidge instantly draws the reader in within the first few pages of EENY MEENY as you are placed inside a helpless situation and must watch as two people who care about one another react to the killer’s plot. Arlidge effortlessly weaves the police procedural of the ongoing case with glimpses in to Helen’s life, the killer’s mind, and the abductions. Chapters are kept short and loaded with information that keeps the reader flipping pages to learn more about each of the aspects to the story. While the reader is thrown into each side of the story, Arlidge masterfully avoids the fault of many novels that begin a series, by giving the reader just enough information on the characters, but not weighing down the chapters with minute details. EENY MEENY is a five star read lead by a strong female detective who will stop at nothing to catch a twisted killer.

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