Book Review: The Bone Keeper

02.05.2019 | Sourcebooks
Rating: 4/5 stars


Twenty years ago, four teenagers walked through a tunnel where it was rumored the Bone Keeper lived. Only three made it through. The fourth, Matty, was never seen again. Stories about the Bone Keeper snatching up people had swirled the town for years, but the hunter behind the title was never found. As the years passed, the legend of the Bone Keeper became something children told other children to scare them. Until a woman is found wandering the streets, bleeding, and singing the Bone Keeper song. It appears the legend is back for more.

The police don’t believe that this attack was the result of the Bone Keeper, but DC Louise Henderson is hellbent on proving there is a man behind the legend who did this. When a body is unearthed, followed by more connections to the lore of the Bone Keeper, the team starts to believe he could be real. Louise will have to push back connected dark memories from her past in order to bring justice to those who have fallen victim. Can she unmask the Bone Keeper before too many people disappear?

The Bone Keeper’s coming.

The Bone Keeper’s real.
He doesn’t stop.
He doesn’t feel.
He’ll snatch you up.
And make you weep.
He’ll slice your flesh.
Your bones he’ll keep.

THE BONE KEEPER has been on my radar since it was released in the UK last year. I’ve always been fascinated by stories involving local legends or myths, be it in books or movies. This book definitely checks off all of the creepy boxes for these type of tales! Veste creates his own legend with the Bone Keeper including a song that will give you shivers. I’m not often left truly unsettled by crime fiction books, but Veste’s story had me mesmerized and checking behind myself when I was outside alone.

The story gives the reader a bird’s eye view into the investigation of the injured woman, as well as the linked dead body case. Along with DC Henderson and DS Shipley the reader is able to unravel the details of these mysteries. Out of the two detectives, the reader will get to know Louise Henderson the best, as she has a connection to the Bone Keeper legend. I was definitely thrown for a few curveballs with this book, which is always a pleasant surprise. Aiding in those curveballs are a narrative from “before” and a focus on several victims revealing events from their points of view. I greatly enjoyed these additional narratives as they provided more backstory to the events happening, while being seamlessly mixed within the current investigation chapters.

That’s the thing about evil. It never announces itself. Just festers and lives among the normal. The clean.

THE BONE KEEPER is a slow-burn story with multiple layers to the mystery at hand. While this book is not a thriller, it is certainly one that will keep you guessing. The writing is detailed, engrossing, and downright chilling at times. You will find yourself invested in the detective, Louise, as well as those she is investigating. If you’re looking for something to give you goosebumps, this one’s for you!

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