Book Review: Those People

THOSE PEOPLE | Louise Candlish
06.11.2019 | Berkley
Rating: 4/5 stars


Lowland Way is the picture of suburban bliss. The houses are gorgeous and highly sought after, the neighbors all seem to be friends, and the kids enjoy the freedom of playing together on weekends thanks to a community initiative. 

Darren and Jodie don’t belong. The couple has recently inherited the house at the corner. They don’t care about the neighborhood esthetics or set of unspoken rules. They want to blast their music at all hours, completely renovate the house, and run a used car business from their front yard. It doesn’t take long before the neighborhood reaches its breaking point. One Saturday will change everything as a horrific death rocks the street. As police try to find answers it becomes clear that everyone has a motive and no one is safe from accusation.


Have you ever had a neighbor you just couldn’t stand? Someone who had no respect for anyone or anything unless it was theirs? We’ve all been there or at least heard horror stories from those who have. Louise Candlish channels into this commonly occurring situation and creates a fascinating mystery of sabotage and destruction.

The structure of THOSE PEOPLE immediately drops the reader into the viewpoints of the neighbors on Lowland Way and their first impressions of newcomers, Darren and Jodie. It becomes clear instantly that this is a neighborhood filled with like-minded people. These are people who want a kid-friendly environment for the families that they are raising. Darren and Jodie don’t have this set of beliefs and their presence causes chaos as a group of people rally together to gossip and plot against these new neighbors.


I loved how catty and devious, yet utterly suburban, the main group of Lowland Way residents are portrayed. They’re all about disliking Darren and Jodie, but instead of using rational thought they all lose their minds! Watching them come undone and dreaming up various ways to get rid of Darren and Jodie was extremely entertaining. At the same time it was also very relatable. We actually have a current neighbor drama with someone that is renting a room in the house across from us and parks his massive truck out front of our house. Nothing irritates me more than looking out my front window at that beast!!

The pacing of THOSE PEOPLE is one that I would easily categorize as a slow-burn. This piece of crime fiction/domestic suspense isn’t meant to throw you hundreds of curveballs. The book is meant to immerse you into the lives of the characters and understanding their reactions. That’s not to say that there aren’t some surprises along the way. Trust me, this group has plenty of secrets up their sleeves! The suspense is subtle, but powerful if you give the story a chance to hook you!

This is my first book by Louise Candlish, but I’ve already put OUR HOUSE on my list of must buys! I can’t wait to see what else she has dreamed up!

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