Book Review: Mother May I

MOTHER MAY I | Joshilyn Jackson
04.06.2021 | William Morrow
Rating: 4/5 stars

Growing up poor in rural Georgia, Bree Cabbat was warned by her single mother that the world was a dark and scary place. Bree rejected her mother’s fearful outlook. Having married into a family with wealth, power, and connections, Bree now has everything she could ever dream of: a loving lawyer husband, two talented teenage daughters, a new baby boy, a gorgeous home, and every opportunity in the world. Life shatters for Bree when she awakens to see an elderly woman peering into her bedroom window. She tells herself she’s only seeing things, but then her baby boy, Robert, is kidnapped and a cryptic note left in his place, she has a new reality to face. Bree is being watched and the only way to get her child back is to follow the instructions left for her. She will stop at nothing to get her son back. 

MOTHER MAY I is a fast-paced story of revenge and the lengths that mothers are willing to go to in order to defend their children. I was expecting a straightforward story of a mother’s journey to get her son back, but what I found was something much deeper. MOTHER MAY I explores a variety of topics that take this thriller past fluff and into a very real examination of society. 

Joshilyn Jackson has created an unputdownable story that captured my attention after the first few pages. I was instantly drawn to Bree and the web of revenge that she finds herself trapped in. There are certainly moments where I had to suspend my belief over where the plot took things, but ultimately it didn’t detract from my reading experience. I appreciated the way Jackson discusses society’s views on women and crimes against women, as well as privilege and what that will protect someone from. 

If you’re looking for a binge-worthy thriller to add to your TBR this one is for you!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

A huge thank you to William Morrow for my gifted copy!

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