Book Review: The Deep

THE DEEP | Nick Cutter
01.13.2015 | Gallery Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


A strange plague called the ‘Gets is decimating humanity on a global scale. It causes people to forget — small things at first, like where they left their keys, then the not-so-small things, like how to drive. Their bodies forget how to function involuntarily. There is no known cure, but far below the surface of the Pacific Ocean there may be a ray of hope. A universal healer known as “ambrosia” has been discovered. In order to study this phenomenon, a special research lab has been built eight miles under the sea’s surface. When the station goes incommunicado, a brave few descend through the lightless fathoms in hopes of unraveling the mysteries lurking at those crushing depths. What’s waiting for them is nothing anyone would have guessed. 

Nick Cutter is one of those horror authors you hear a lot about in the bookstagram community. He’s been on my TBR for several years now. Finally my coworker gave me just the nudge I needed to pick up my first Cutter book and I was definitely not disappointed. I love claustrophobic horror where characters are trapped in different situations with limited means of escape. There is something about that setting that instantly adds tension and stress to a book. Coupled with a lot of weird undersea happenings and THE DEEP was an easy premise to win me over. 

Much like space horror, undersea settings fascinate me. The sense of unknown and undiscovered everything glues me to the pages as I’m left in wonder by what authors are able to come up with. Cutter has created such a unique entity in “ambrosia” that it works to build up the entire plot of THE DEEP into something extremely unsettling and mysterious. There’s gore and a few harder to read scenes in this book that might make it not for everyone, but I genuinely enjoyed my read of THE DEEP and look forward to picking up more Cutter books in the future!

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