Book Review: Yes, Daddy

YES, DADDY | Jonathan Parks-Ramage
05.18.2021 | Harper Books
Rating: 4.5/5 stars


Jonah Keller moved to New York City with dreams of becoming a successful playwright, but for the time being, lives in a rundown sublet in Bushwick, working extra hours at a restaurant only to barely make rent. When he stumbles upon a photo of Richard Shriver—the glamorous Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright and quite possibly the stepping stone to the fame he craves—Jonah orchestrates their meeting. The two begin a hungry, passionate affair. When summer arrives, Richard invites his young lover for a spell at his sprawling estate in the Hamptons. What happens there will change the course of Jonah’s life forever.

I was not prepared for how dark YES, DADDY got so quickly. I knew the story was going to be intense, but Parks-Ramage really floored me with the depth of this book. Jonah is our main character and narrator throughout a series of segments from his life. The story is told in various parts, the largest of which is his summer in the Hamptons, and then a flash to the future and how that damage has impacted his life. I loved the way that Parks-Ramage was able to fully realize his cast of characters. While the reader might not have known intricate details about the secondary cast, there was enough for you to gain a solid grasp on their motivations. This book was such a powerful read, but one I found myself only able to read in small chunks because of how intense and emotional the story can be at times. Jonathan Parks-Ramage has created a work that shines the #MeToo light on the often overlooked LGBTQ+ community. 

TW: This story is extremely dark, please take some time and read the trigger warnings on StoryGraph before picking it up.

A huge thank you to Harper Books for my gifted copy!

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