Book Review: The Counselors

THE COUNSELORS | Jessica Goodman
05.31.2022 | Razorbill
4.5/5 stars


Sisters by choice. That’s how Goldie and her best friends, Ava and Imogen, define their friendship, which formed years ago at Camp Alpine Lake. This year, Goldie is back at camp as a counselor, desperate for summer to start and for Ava and Imo to arrive. With the dark secret Goldie’s been keeping, she’s more in need of their comfort than ever. When the boy who broke Goldie’s heart turns up dead in the lake, this last summer before college is completely upended—and Goldie learns that she’s not the only person at camp who has been lying. Asking questions offers Goldie no answers, only danger and betrayals deeper than she ever imagined.

Raise your hand if you love a good thriller or horror story that takes place at a summer camp. Yep, same! There is something just iconic about the setting and Jessica Goodman has served up a fresh and exciting take on the summer camp world. 

From the start I bonded with our main character, Goldie, and as Goodman alternatated the timeline from present and past that connection grew stronger. Not only is Goldie a fantastic main character, but she has a solid crew of secondary characters to back her up and bring this story to life. Everyone seems to have a secret lurking behind the surface and I had an absolute blast trying to figure out everything in this book. While this may fall into the Young Adult genre, I think it’s a perfect read for all ages because it touches on relatable topics throughout. 

What else is left to say? Go snag your copy now because THE COUNSELORS is the ultimate summer read!

A huge thank you to Razorbill and Bookish First for my free copy!

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