Book Review: Swan Song

SWAN SONG | Robert McCammon
06.01.1987 | Gallery Books
Rating: 5/5 stars


Facing down an unprecedented malevolent enemy, the government responds with a nuclear attack. America as it was is gone forever, and now every citizen—from the President of the United States to the homeless on the streets of New York City—will fight for survival.

A few years ago when I was reading The Stand, I received several recommendations to check out Swan Song. Fast forward and I’ve finally read it! 

Swan Song is an epic journey into a post-nuclear attack version of the United States. McCammon delivers this story to readers through alternating perspectives from a wide range of characters stemming from differing backgrounds. While this story is about survival, it’s also about the choices we make as humans. As time progresses forward in McCammon’s story we see how people struggle with good versus evil and ultimately how they make their decision on which side to join. There are a lot of great elements that play on this battle that I don’t want to give away, but just know that McCammon has created a fascinating, unique,  and intricately detailed story within the pages of Swan Song. 

Speaking of those pages…this is a chunky book, but don’t let that discourage you from picking it up! McCammon’s writing is engaging and addictive in the way he teases readers through alternating perspectives. I was hooked from the first section of the story as I met the cast of characters and wrapped my head around what was happening. 

Swan Song is one of those books I could talk about for days, but only to someone who has read it. There’s a special journey waiting inside these pages that a reader needs to take without the risk of spoilers. Take this as your sign to go buy a copy!

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