Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Found Because of #Bookstagram


I’m so terribly inconsistent with posting for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl), but when I saw today was a freebie, I thought it would be the perfect setting to talk about a topic I really love! I am constantly on #bookstagram and because of my interactions on there I am also constantly adding new books to my TBR. What a better Top Ten topic than to talk about books I found because of #bookstagram?


Let’s just start at the top of the stack and work our way down…

1. THE ONE by John Marrs: I first saw this book on @crimebythebook and knew that I wanted to read it the minute she mentioned it reminded her of Black Mirror, which just happens to be one of my favorite shows. Not only did I get those vibes, but I also got an amazing story! Check out my review here.

2. PENPAL by Dathan Auerbach: I had seen this book pop up on my Amazon recommendations, but never committed to buying it. Once I joined #bookstagram and started seeing a ton of great reviews I finally signed myself up. What a creepy little book! Check out my review here.

3. MISTER TENDER’S GIRL by Carter Wilson: This one was a total cover buy coupled with intrigue that it had Slenderman vibes. I adored this story and my only complaint is that I wish there was a Mister Tender graphic novel out there! Check out my review here.

4. Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series: I had never heard of Penny before #bookstagram, let alone knew she had a now 14 book series out there about the most magical town of Three Pines. I’m now a huge fan! Check out my thoughts on the series here. {If you’re interested in starting this series make sure you begin with book one, STILL LIFE.}

5. Kanae Minato’s Penance and Confessions: My favorite Instagram book club, Criminally Good Book Club, selected both of these titles for monthly selections and they were huge hits for me! I had never explored Japanese crime fiction prior to being introduced to them through the club. Check out my thoughts on Minato here.

6. THE SOCIAL AFFAIR by Britney King: I had never heard of Britney King before and then there was a ton of buzz surrounding THE SOCIAL AFFAIR. The description had me at religious cult! I’m now behind in this series, but definitely plan to catch up in 2019. Check out my thoughts here.

7. Kealan Patrick Burke: I can’t think of an author I was more heavily influenced to buy books by than Kealan Patrick Burke. I saw a variety of the horror accounts I follow raving about his works and figured I would give him a try. I started with his novella, SOUR CANDY, and was instantly hooked! I have now read 4 of his titles and look forward to reading more in 2019! Check out my thoughts on his work here.

8. MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM by Grady Hendrix: This is another one of those books that I had seen, but wasn’t sure about…enter #bookstagram. I absolutely loved everything about this book and now have all of Hendrix’s titles on my TBR. Check out my thoughts here.

9. THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO by Taylor Reid Jenkins: You know how there are friends that constantly try to push books outside of your reading comfort zone on you and you always say no, then you cave and love it? Well that’s basically my relationship with #bookstagram and this book! I avoid romance related books 24/7, but this book is so much more! It’s brilliant and you should read it! Check out my thoughts here.

10. BEHIND HER EYES by Sarah Pinborough: This book has one crazy and hotly debated ending! Ever the person who doesn’t want to be left out, I of course picked this one up. I then left it on my shelf like the terrible bookworm I am. Well thankfully I finally read it this year, because WOW! Check out my thoughts here.

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