Book Review: Bone White

BONE WHITE | Ronald Malfi
07.25.2017 | Kensington Publishing Corporation
Rating: 5/5 stars


Paul Gallo saw the report on the news: a mass murderer leading police to the graves of his victims in remote Dread’s Hand, Alaska. This is the last place Paul’s twin brother, Danny, was seen before he went missing a year ago. As the bodies are exhumed, Paul travels to Alaska to get closure and put his grief to rest. But the mystery is only beginning. What Paul finds are superstitious locals who talk of the devil stealing souls, and a line of wooden crosses to keep what’s in the woods from coming out. No one can explain what happened to Danny. The more Paul searches for answers, the more he finds himself becoming part of the mystery…

From the first few chapters of BONE WHITE I knew I was going to give this book 5 stars. Malfi creates an overwhelming sense of dread and mystery that continues throughout the story as we try to understand alongside Paul what happened to his brother. Talk about a town I don’t want to visit! Dread’s Hand is full of strange people and strange happenings, which just so happens to make for a fantastic reading experience. I loved the way Paul’s journey unfolded along with the the mass murder storyline. Together the two plots came together for an excellent reveal in part three of the book. While reading BONE WHITE I found myself constantly thinking about what might happen next even when the book wasn’t in my hands, which to me is the ultimate qualifier for a 5 star read. If you’re a fan of crime fiction or horror, this story is the perfect mix of the two genres and I highly recommend checking it out! 

50 States of Horror Challenge: Alaska

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